Candy Crush Level 30 – How to Pass It

Candy Crush level 30 seemed impossible to pass the first few times I played it because it’s an ingredients level. Passing it is pretty easy once you know what you are doing. First you need to get a score of 129320 in Candy Crush level 30, but that’s no big deal. See image below from my iPhone.

Candy Crush Level 30

Oh, do you see the sprinkled donut hole bomb with a “1” attached to it? I got it by using the brand new daily booster wheel. I had to update my app for it to show up, but I really like it! You get 1 freebie a day.

Watch this video and learn how to pass Candy Crush Level 30.

Candy Crush Level 30 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

For starters, Candy Crush level 30 is an ingredients level. You will need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom plus reach the target score. You get 60 moves to start out and there are 6 fruit you need to bring down. It’s easy to get the first 2, but all 6 is hard.

What makes this level in Candy Crush Saga harder is the fact that there are frosting blocks at the bottom. You must get multiple candies of the same color to break them. However, it’s not impossible to win and get all three stars.

So How do you Pass Candy Crush Level 30?

  1. Break all of the frosting blocks using candies combos. Remember that you have to have matching colors touching the frosting.
  2. Try to start at the bottom. This gives you better chances of a cascading effect at the top. Colors will match up on their own.
  3. Get 4 colors in a row as often as you can. This helps break the frosting faster and leaves you with plenty of moves.

Did you enjoy this guide for Candy Crush level 30? Please leave a comment for our visitors if you know a way to beat it faster.

Visit our strategy guide to get even more tips and tricks to help you pass every hard part of this game. Candy Crush level 30 is not hard to complete. I did it and got all three stars.

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Gta 5 Mission 1 Walkthrough Plus Everything Cool

If you are playing single player in GTA 5 Mission 1, you will definitely feel like playing Need for Speed. 

That is what you truly get aside from all the Racism Storylines and gargantuan F*** words that floods this game. Pretty exciting if you like NFS. It even has the speed breaker feature from NFS Hot Pursuits and other titles. You need to utilize this ability in driving is you want to finish the GTA 5 Mission 1 with the highest Gold Medals you can get. Check the video below for a strategy walkthrough for GTA 5 first mission.

GTA 5 Mission 1 Tips

It is all about driving. What more can I say. Absolute like a true professional driver.

  • Be careful on curves
  • Release acceleration if necessary
  • And utilize breaks.

 GTA 5 Mission 1 Objectives

  • Not a scratch – You need to bring your car with little or no damage
  • Focused Driver – This is the ability I mentioned like the speedbreaker for NFS game. This special ability of Franklin should be should for 7 seconds in order to achieve this goal.
  • Winner – Of course, you need to win against Lamar in this race
  • We Come in Peace – No action yet, just pure driving… and cursing of course.

That’s it for your goals in GTA 5 Mission 1.

GTA 5 Mission 1

The beauty of GTA 5 Mission 1 is that you are immediately soaked in the environment or setting of GTA 5, specifically Los Santos. Because of all the driving you did, it seems Los Santos welcomes you or should I say GTA 5 gave you a tour in the place. But somehow, I think it is better to put it this way: You gate crushed in the game. This is what you did in GTA 5 Mission 1.

So what are you waiting for, go and finish GTA 5 Mission 1.

Well, there are more in GTA 5 and actually. Even with all intricacies of this first Mission of GTA 5, you are just scraping the surface of this game. If you want to know more about the game and wants to dominate it. Check GTA 5 Plus Here. I believe it is the best strategy guide for GTA 5.

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Candy Crush Level 77 – How to Finish It

Candy Crush Level 77 is another hell of a level in this game if you don’t know what’s happening in all the candies. Watch how I finished it and I will tell you what to keep in mind so you can finish Candy Crush level 77 easily.


Candy Crush Level 77

Strategy and tips

These are the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to beat Candy Crush Level 77.

  • You only have 25 moves so you make sure that you make your moves wisely.
  • The goal in Candy Crush Level 77 is to reach 50000 points and at the same time clear the jellies in the middle row of your screen.
  • But the big problem in this level is that, the candies in the middle is not connected to the main flow of candies. If you clear candies in the midde, that is the only time you will see new candies in the middle. So the only thing you can do is to form horizontal candies in the middle or have a vertical striped candy to clear come candies in the middle. This made Candy Crush Level 77 a big sore of pain.
  • Because of the above problem in Level 77 of Candy Crush Saga, there is only one effective way to finish Candy Crush Level 77. This is to have a combination of sprinkled candy and striped candy like how I finish it in my video. Wrapped candy is basically useless in clearing the middle candies.
  • Forget about the chocolate in the middle because if one candy turned into a horizontal striped candy, it will be easily cleared. But take note, don’t touch in at the beginning of the game unless you are very such that you can wipe them out. Or else they will make you suffer even more.

candy crush level 77


So how to finish Candy Crush Level 77?

  1. Prioritize to come up with a sprinkled candy. It is easy to form this before the horizontal space is wide.
  2. Next, make form a striped candy near the sprinkled candy and Crash Level 77 with striped candies.
  3. Finally, just clear remaining jellies if there is any.

I hope you like my Candy Crush Level 77 strategy.

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GTA 5 Plus Review – The Best Guide You Need in GTA 5

This is a great news! Gamers around the world celebrate because GTA 5 was already released. In addition to this, we have another greater news – the launching of a strategy guide for this great game. Now, let’s have our GTA 5 Plus review.

Check GTA 5 Plus by CLICKING HERE.

We are doing this GTA 5 Plus review because there are lots of promises in this new strategy guide for one of the biggest games of the year. In this GTA 5 Plus review, we will try to know how this guide can help us go straight to the top. 

GTA 5 Plus Review

So what can you expect in this strategy guide for GTA 5?

  • It will help you to bank more and more cash so you won’t run out of it.
  • Walkthrough, tips and guide for all the missions
  • I’ll be honest here in my GTA 5 Plus review. They are saying that you will make you win all the fights you will have. Yes, they can help you with this but it is by giving you the cheats you need. Yes, you heard me right, they will provide you will all the GTA 5 cheats out there. Pretty cool for some, eh.
  • But even though you don’t want to use some cheats, I will also say in this GTA 5 review that the tips and strategy they give you for the fights and everything are all solid for you to dominate the game. You won’t win everytime if you will not use GTA 5 cheats but your chance of winning is high if you implement the strategies from GTA 5 Plus.
  • Become familiar with Los Santos and let GTA 5 Plus become your tour guide throughout all the map.

GTA 5 Plus review
In addition to all this, there is one that really sets this GTA 5 Strategy Guide apart. Joining them is like saying you are a serious GTA 5 gamer because you just joined a great community of GTA 5 gamers. And because you this, you will have an exclusive access to their GTA 5 forum. This forum is moderated by GTA 5 gamers to cater GTA 5 gamers so you will surely get vital information for your success in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Plus review – The verdict

If you play GTA 5, get this guide. This is a huge arsenal for your GTA 5 Gameplay. If you are having a second thought, don’t fret. You are backed up with a 60 day money back guarantee so this is a no brainer deal if you are a gamer.

I hope you enjoy my GTA 5 Plus review and if you want to know more about new games and how to dominate it, join our community by clicking HERE.

Neverwinter Rogue Build

One of the most played class in Neverwinter Online is the Trickster Rogue. This is the reason why many players are looking for the right Neverwinter rogue build to get their edge in the game. Yes, I can say that playing this class is pretty exciting because most of it is all about dealing damage. Basically, let’s just say killing enemies. Who doesn’t like that in an MMO? In addition, Rogues of Neverwinter made it more satisfying because of their speed and stealth ability. So let’s look at various Neverwinter Rogue build that we have today.


Neverwinter Rogue Build

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WoW Ultimatum Review – Beginners Guide to Become Pro

Before we talked about WoW Ultimatum review, let us first talk about this epic MMORPG.

I can say that World of Warcraft is one of the most successful MMORPGs today. It was launched in 2004 and now, it already has four big expansions, namely The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria. As of July 2013, they have 7.7 million subscribers. Despite of the fact that this is one of their lowest stats ever after many years, they still take the pride as the number 1 subscription based MMORPG. So they are still pretty big.

But there is one question that can lurk in your mind if you are a total newbie in WOW. Your veteran friends are talking how great the game but you also know that they were playing this game for ages. How can you make it in their level without grinding hours and hours just to get close to where they are? I believe this is why we need to have this WoW Ultimatum Review because in the first place, this WoW strategy guide is aimed for new players of WoW who wants to dominate World of Warcraft.

Wow Ultimatum Review

Wow Ultimatum Review

So the big question is how can WoW Ultimatum help newbies to be at the same level with the veterans of the game? To answer this, let’s have our WoW Ultimatum review. Read more »

Candy Crush Level 33 Strategy – A Closer Look

I know you are enjoying Candy Crush Saga. You are telling yourself that it is not really hard as some people were saying but then, you reached Candy Crush Level 33. All of the sudden, your 5 lives were wiped out. After that, you told yourself, OK I will just wait for some time and I will continue playing. You are back with 5 more lives but again, Level 33 crushed you once more. This is becoming crazy, you said to yourself because after three days you are still in Candy Crush Level 33.

What’s Wrong with Candy Crush Level 33?

There is actually nothing wrong with Candy Crush Level 33. It was made to give us headache so you will eventually buy 5 lives for $0.99. Actually, the level looks pretty easy but honestly, a lot of people is stuck in this level.

There are four boxes in this level with 16 candies (4×4) each and the reason why candy crush level 33 became hard is the limited moves you have (only 17 moves) and the limited space of the layout.  Because of the limited space, it is hard to prepare your moves. And because of the limited moves, you need to clear the jellies as soon as you can.

The jellies that you need to clear are in the middle of each box. You need to keep this in mind so you won’t waste any move you have. Read more »