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Candy Crush Level 76 – How to Beat it

Without knowing the layout of a candy crush level, it will be hard to finish it. This is true to each and every levels of Candy Crush and definitely, this is very much true to Candy Crush Level 76.¬†One of the top reasons why players are frustrated and can’t finish Candy Crush level 76 is because they don’t know where the candies are going. And for the reason that the goal of this level is to drop the three identical ingredients, Candy Crush level 76 became hard for people who are clueless where to drop it.

The video above is an example of how to finish candy crush level 76 without relying on luck. It is pure analysis of each and every move you have. If you follow the following candy crush tips and strategies below, your chance of beating candy crush 76 will be great.

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Beating Candy Crush Level 76


Most importantly, you need to know how to meet your goal in candy crush level 76.¬†Regarding this, understand that the goal is to bring down the 3 ingredients within 33 moves only. Also, take note about the movement of the candies. There are three boxes that contain the candies. Candies don’t start from the top. They actually start from the bottom left box. Then they are transported to the top most part of the big right box. Finally, when the candies reach the bottom of the big right box, they go to the top left box. That is where you need to put down the ingredients.

Now that you know how to meet your goal in candy crush level 76, just take note of these tips in each and every move that you have.

Tips and Strategies for Candy Crush level 76

  • If there is a possibility to form a special candy, that is your priority move early in the game.
  • The tip that says “always play bottom” is also true for candy crush level 76; however, in this case, the bottom is not really at the bottom part of the layout. In this case, your priority move should be from the top left box because this is the one that can give more chain reactions in candy crush level 76.
  • As much as possible, if you are going to use special candies, use it in a way that the top left box will be affected.
  • All throughout this level, pay attention where are the ingredients so you can determine what row or column you need to wipe out first.
  • Also, this next candy crush strategy is not only valuable with candy crush level 76. You also need this with other levels. If you have special candies, use it wisely. As much as possible, use it together with other candies to create more chain reactions and eventually give you more points.

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candy crush level 76

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I hope you enjoyed this post. After reading this, go and apply what you learned. Because of this, now I am pretty sure that you will now finish candy crush level 76.

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