Candy Crush Level 77 – How to Finish It

Candy Crush Level 77 is another hell of a level in this game if you don’t know what’s happening in all the candies. Watch how I finished it and I will tell you what to keep in mind so you can finish Candy Crush level 77 easily.


Candy Crush Level 77

Strategy and tips

These are the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to beat Candy Crush Level 77.

  • You only have 25 moves so you make sure that you make your moves wisely.
  • The goal in Candy Crush Level 77 is to reach 50000 points and at the same time clear the jellies in the middle row of your screen.
  • But the big problem in this level is that, the candies in the middle is not connected to the main flow of candies. If you clear candies in the midde, that is the only time you will see new candies in the middle. So the only thing you can do is to form horizontal candies in the middle or have a vertical striped candy to clear come candies in the middle. This made Candy Crush Level 77 a big sore of pain.
  • Because of the above problem in Level 77 of Candy Crush Saga, there is only one effective way to finish Candy Crush Level 77. This is to have a combination of sprinkled candy and striped candy like how I finish it in my video. Wrapped candy is basically useless in clearing the middle candies.
  • Forget about the chocolate in the middle because if one candy turned into a horizontal striped candy, it will be easily cleared. But take note, don’t touch in at the beginning of the game unless you are very such that you can wipe them out. Or else they will make you suffer even more.

candy crush level 77


So how to finish Candy Crush Level 77?

  1. Prioritize to come up with a sprinkled candy. It is easy to form this before the horizontal space is wide.
  2. Next, make form a striped candy near the sprinkled candy and Crash Level 77 with striped candies.
  3. Finally, just clear remaining jellies if there is any.

I hope you like my Candy Crush Level 77 strategy.

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  2. taflow says:

    been stuck on this level for weeks hope this helps

  3. I tried the tips from here and your chance in finishing this level will improve. I followed these tips and they worked like a charm for me.

  4. Chelley says:

    Read this strategy, tried it once and it worked! Thanks!

  5. Just.In says:

    Yes, this works! Thanks.

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