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Candy Crush Strategy: Level 33 and Level 65

Candy Crush captured almost everyone who is playing in Facebook, iOS and Android. Men and women… Girls and boys… young and old… everyone is playing it. In every level, players are cracking their minds for perfect candy crush strategy in order to get three stars and to beat their friends in a particular level. Whatever you say, though the game looks too cartoonish for some, we, who play the game know that even generals or PhD’s need to dig their minds to haul candy crush strategy for every level. It looks easy but we know its not.

Candy Crush Strategy for Level 33 and Level 65. We can definitely learn something from these videos.

Level 33 Candy Crush Strategy

According to Toa K, you need to set your priorities. This simple candy crush strategy definitely makes sense if you are playing the game. When you look at your current level, you need to identify what particular things that can hinder you to finish your task.

Add this to your candy crush strategy: always take note of the jellies in the corners and those at the top row because you can easily plan to take out jellies in the middle and those at the bottom row.

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candy crush strategy

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Now, check Jin Luo. His candy crush strategy for level 65 produced two stars even though he didn’t use any boosters.

Notice that his last jelly is in the corner and at the same time it is in the top. He had this when there is only 8 moves left for him. It sounds simple but he has green candy and there are no greens nearby. Watch what he did. It is quite a feat.

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6 Responses to “Candy Crush Strategy: Level 33 and Level 65”

  1. Steve B says:

    All really good ways to beat both these levels! I also like to use the Clock trick to keep playing and never run out of lives.

    • SH says:

      I also know that trick but I don’t really recommend it. For me, trying to abuse a glitch of a particular game defeats the true purpose of the game. Anyways, this is just for me though.

  2. […] Candy Crush Strategy: Level 33 and Level 65 […]

  3. […] Candy Crush Strategy: Level 33 and Level 65 […]

  4. […] Candy Crush Strategy: Level 33 and Level 65 […]

  5. Well, these two are really hard levels. But somehow, these two are easier than other levels. These are not the hardest levels, I believe.

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