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Clash of Clans Upgrade Strategy

One of the key frustrations some new players might have – especially those who aren’t used to real-time strategy games – is not knowing what to build or upgrade first.

For this game, what you should build/upgrade depends mainly on your strategy – what is your ultimate goal? Are you an offensive player? Or a defensive player? It can also depend on your own level.

Generally, no matter what type of player you are, the Town Hall is not the first thing you should upgrade the moment you are able to afford it.

clash of clans strategyJust remember that there is a limit to the loot you steal from other players – this cap depends on the difference in level between your Town Hall and your opponent’s Town Hall. (You can read more on this under “Trophies, Experience and Matchmaking Basics”.) So don’t just go crazy upgrading your Town Hall first. Read more »